Reducing risk and harm

Did you know?
91 per cent of parents support making it illegal to supply alcohol to kids without their permission

Holding a party with alcohol

If you're hosting a party with alcohol at home, and you're inviting teenagers, you are taking on a lot of responsibility.

Victorian law requires that any adult who supplies alcohol to a minor in a private home must have permission from the teenager's parent or guardian. If you don't have permission, you're breaking the law, and running the risk of a $7,000 fine. You can find out more about the law here.

Even if you do have permission, you need to remember that if you don't serve alcohol responsibly - or you serve dangerous amounts of alcohol to minors - you will be breaching your duty of care to your guests, and may be breaking other laws.

Once you've got the permission you need, you might also want to have a look at our tips on managing alcohol and teenagers and think about how you can run the party so that it's safe and fun for everyone.