Talking it through

Did you know?
One in four young people have had their first drink before their 15th birthday

Help! My teen's drinking anyway!

If you've decided not to allow alcohol, or you have allowed alcohol and your child is drinking more than you're comfortable with, you will need to talk to them about it.

Before you do though, we'd recommend that you spend some time:

Do remember that many young people go through a phase of experimenting with alcohol. But if you're concerned and your teenager either won't talk to you about it, or continues to drink despite your requests to stop, you may need more help.

We'd suggest:

  • talking to the parents of your teenager's friends, to see how they're handling the situation - if you can, it's probably worth coming up with a joint approach, although you may find that they have very different attitudes to alcohol from your own
  • approaching the welfare officer or student counsellor at your child's school for advice or referrals
  • talking to a specialist drug and alcohol service about what you can do (see the list of links to the right of this page)
  • talking to a family counsellor about what they'd recommend.