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Drinking large amounts of alcohol can cause death or serious brain damage


These podcasts and webinars have been created to help you understand more about the new laws, and other issues to do with young people and drinking.


Young people, alcohol and preventing harm

Four minutes will give you a great head start on finding out all about young people, alcohol and preventing harm.

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In the first podcast, Geoff Munro (Policy Director with the Australian Drug Foundation) talks broadly about alcohol and young people.

In the second, Wendy Cowling (from the Youth Advisory Unit, Victoria Police) discusses safe parties and duty of care in the third podcast.

The third podcast features Sondra Davoren (Alcohol Legal Policy Advisor with Cancer Council Victoria) talking about secondary supply laws, permission and enforcement.

Geoff Munro

Geoff Munro (Policy Director, Australian Drug Foundation) on alcohol and young people

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Wendy Cowling

Wendy Cowling (Youth Advisory Unit, Victoria Police) on safe parties and duty of care

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Sondra Davoren

Sondra Davoren (Legal Policy Advisor, Cancer Council Victoria) on alcohol laws, permission and enforcement

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