Did you know?
Children watch and learn from their parents' drinking habits

The Law

It is now against Victorian law to serve alcohol in a private home to anyone under 18, unless their parents have given permission. The law still allows your parents to serve you alcohol at home.

Adults who break the law face fines over $7,000 - the same amount a licensee would be fined for selling alcohol to a minor.

How will this be enforced?

The law will be enforced where the police have evidence that it has been broken. It's important to remember that the laws about minors and alcohol are complicated. Often, situations in which the laws may have been broken are emotional and tense, such as after a minor has been injured as a result of alcohol consumption. If you're not sure in a situation where minors and alcohol are involved, it's best to steer clear of any possible wrongdoing.

Getting parents' permission

If your parents plan to serve or supply alcohol to your underage friends in their home, they will need to get permission from your friends' parents or legal guardians. They will need to be confident that this permission is genuine, because if challenged they will need to prove that the parent of the child had actually given permission.

Alcohol and young people - the law

There are a number of laws about young people and alcohol that are important to be aware of. These laws state that in most circumstances, people under the age of 18 are not allowed to possess or consume alcohol. There are also laws against using or creating false evidence of age documents. For a full explanation of these laws, go to www.responsiblealcohol.vic.gov.au.